Saturday, November 28, 2015

EOS Lip Balm Christmas Cards

Wow, I haven't put anything fun on here in a while! Ha Ha! Leave it to the holidays to get me back on track.
So, my neighbor works for an Orthodontist and while I was over at her house last week she had a massive amount of the eos brand lip balm 5 packs on her counter (the ones you can get at costco).
I asked what they were for and she proceeded to tell me about this adorable Christmas card where you use the lip balm as a nose for Rudolf. Anyway, I had never heard of such a thing so I went onto pinterest and sure enough there it was. If you'd like to see the one she was referring to click HERE.
I was pretty excited because I had just bought a couple of eos packs at costco myself and thought "Hmmm...maybe I could do something like that for the 13 year old to give to her friends for Christmas." The only issue I had was that because it was a multi pack, not every Rudolf would have a RED nose so I searched for some other options and found THIS. Super cute right? I know, but then I came across THIS one and was like "Okay, maybe I could merge the two and make my own."
So I did, and I think they are pretty cute, and now each eos gets to shine! Yes, it's all about equality amongst the lip balms-I'm nice like that!

The 5 pack I bought only has Summer Fruit, Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Mint and Strawberry but I made a couple more for the Pomegranate, Honeydew and Tangerine ones because, like I said Equality amongst the lip balms...well, except for Lemon-which happens to be my favorite but I didn't like it with the colors of the Cards-so...It does NOT get to shine-UGH I'm a hypocrite!Maybe I'll do something nice for it for Easter! ;)
Anyway, you may use this all you want my friends because, once again, I'm nice like that. And hopefully this inspires you to give the gift of lip balm to someone special, or someone not-so-special but equally as LEMON! :)

Here are the instructions, in case you have no clue what you are supposed to do with these babies!

One day I'll figure out the whole "download" thing and that will make {your} life SO much better!