Saturday, December 8, 2012

Staching through the snow!

Well since it's all the rage, I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and join the Mustache craze!

I found the cutest mustache candy molds online and HAD to get them!!! They are not for making hard candies like suckers (because the heat of the candy will melt them), but they are perfect for melted chocolate... and who couldn't use a chocolate mustache (am I right)?
Anyway, I bought two different types of meltable chocolate. The first was a Kroger brand Candy Coating Chocolate in a convenient microwavable tray. I just followed the instructions and it worked awesome. The second chocolate was Wilton brand Candy Melts, these worked great too (I melted them in smaller increments). I believe you can also buy melting chocolate disks by the pound from places like Orson Gigi or Winco (Winco has great prices too).
I melted the chocolate and spooned it into the mold with lollipop sticks already resting IN the mold (the ones I poured, then added the sticks to, pushed the chocolate down around the stick-if that makes sense). After I poured all my molds I put them in the fridge for about 20 minutes. It was super easy and they popped right out.
I took the completed lollies and lined/stacked them up (in the amount I needed for each gift) in cellophane bags. As for the tags...well I made them (with a little help from Summer Time Designs' Believe Kit) but -because I like you, and I'm cool like Mr. Mustache Tom Selleck, I will post them below and you can use them.
Okay, now that I've written a novel, I MUSTACHE you to forgive my babbling and SHAVE this to your Pinterest page or desktop or whatever! :{

Yes there are two versions. The version I made and printed had THRU and not THROUGH. Although I prefer THROUGH, it fit funny when I only wanted two lines of text, so I went with THRU because my designer brain wanted to. So there. But for you english buffs I made a THROUGH one just for you! 
By the way, the font is Baskerville in BOLD if you want to put it into Photoshop or another computer program and add your family's name at the bottom...or there should be plenty of space for you to hand write it in.