Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthday Treasure Hunt

For my daughter's last Birthday, she wanted to have a treasure hunt around our neighborhood.
I was able to talk some of my neighbors into giving out the clues as the kids came to their doors... I was even allowed to bury the treasure in the sand box of one of my awesome neighbors. It was a fun party and the kids had a blast running around the neighborhood in their different groups.

I made my own invite in photoshop and sent it to Costco to be printed, but the original idea came from They have tons of options that you can add your own text to. I usually make my own stuff, if I can, since I have graphic design degree and need to use it for something, but I get that not everyone has that ability or option!

Going Away Party Invite

Are you planning a going away party for a friend or relative?
Are you moving yourself and want to announce it?
Here's a fun idea. 

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Door Decorating idea.
Well, I'm not going to say this was an easy idea for a door, but it was fun.
The monkey was made in a few different pieces using brown and tan poster boards. I cut out a circle for the head and smaller circles for the ears. Then just kind of used the head circle to create the tan face design, and made smaller circles for the insides of the ears. The hands I traced from my five year olds hands and attached them to the arms which were just cut strips of the poster board. The belly isn't much bigger than what you see hiding behind the leaves (it was a weird egg shape, with a smaller tan egg shape over top). 
The leaves were made from green butcher paper. I folded pieces of butcher paper in half and drew what I thought the leaves should look like, then cut them out, unfolded them and viola'... leaves. For the bushes I also used butcher paper and just made random bushy scallops. 
If you have a Cricut Machine then making the letters will be easy for you, if not, I would recommend just finding some paper letters and using those. I did use a Cricut machine for the letters AND the bananas, although I had to tweak a moon shape because I didn't have a banana.
Overall, it was a pretty fun door to make...a little time consuming, but fun!