Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Marcia Lynn McClure Meet 'N' Greet Prints are available for you 
Right Here!
All of the images are 8.5X11 so you can print them right at home...or if you want them a little nicer you could take them to a printer (like Alphagraphics) and have them printed on their fabulous silky cardstock. Yes I sometime like to pet paper ;) If you want to send them to costco/sams to be printed you'll have to crop them a bit since they print 8X10 *note* if you send them to costco, make sure you select LUSTRE as the paper option AND click the little box at checkout that says DO NOT AUTO CORRECT MY PRINTS.  
Thank you all for showing so much interest in the prints and I hope you love them, and they take you away for a moment just like Marcia's books!

If you were a winner of this Untethered quote will you please email me at chellebelle26@gmail.com, apparently my spellchecker (ME) didn't catch a spelling error on the ones they gave away!

And now...because I'm nice: Here are 2 more that no one has ever seen yet. Muahahahahaaaa!

OH Lochlan...he's just SOOOOOO delicious, much like pie!

Thank you all so much!