Friday, March 7, 2014

Announcements and Parties

Well, It's been rather busy at our house for the last few months, and this is why...
We had a little baby girl and she has captured our hearts!

I wanted to add this adorable Baby Announcement that I made. Once again I must give credit where it's due. I got the idea from HERE, but like I've said before, if I can use my design degree to make something instead of pay someone else to do it, I will.
The same goes for this Birthday party invite I made for a friend of mine.

I saw the idea on Pinterest HERE, but when I went to go into the website it was on a hiatus, so I just used the pic on Pinterest as my example. I must's pretty darn cute!

I LOVE that I can create things myself. I use Illustrator for most everything and photoshop when I need to crop or manipulate a photo. Adobe products are awesome and there are sooooo many tutorials on the internet for how to use them, AND they are free. I had to pay and go to school to learn them. Grrrr. ;)

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